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Discover our wide range of products, which we deliver according to your wishes for buffets, receptions, or dinners with friends !

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Vegetables and stuffing
  • Eggplant rolls stuffed with fresh sheep’s cheese
  • Eggplant rolls stuffed with vegetable caviar
  • Stuffed artichokes with tuna
  • Dried tomatoes stuffed with tuna
  • Onions stuffed with tuna
  • Spicy mini peppers (peperoncini) stuffed with tuna and parsley, anchovies and capers, or sheep’s milk cheese
  • Mozzarella leaf stuffed with ham, arugula and tomatoes
  • Lemons stuffed with tuna and potatoes
  • Eggplant and zucchini turnovers stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, basil
Duo or trio of vegetables in olive oil
  • Cerignola olives
  • Nocellara olives
  • Taggiasche olives
  • Ascolana olives


Small rolls of cooked or raw ham
  • Ricotta, Parmesan and Chives
  • Ricotta and gorgonzola
Small rolls of bresaola
  • Rolls stuffed with cheese and arugula

DOP : Denominazione di Origine Protetta
IGP : Indicazione Geografica Protetta

Thin slices of cold meat
  • Grilled squid with lemon and herbs
  • Prawns with garlic
  • Small octopus and squid in a slightly spicy tomato sauce
  • Octopus, parsley and lemon salad
  • Anchovies marinated in lemon or in a slightly spicy sauce
  • Small cuttlefish
Caprese salad
  • Caprese salad
Pasta salad
  • Pasta salad with three flavors: vegetables (tomatoes, artichokes, peppers…), olives, mozzarella
  • Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
  • Taleggio DOP
  • Smoked white Scamorza
  • Fontina de la Valle d’Aosta DOP
  • Creamy or spicy Gorgonzola DOP
  • Robiola d’Alba with truffle
  • Castelmagno DOP
  • Pecorino Sardo, Toscano, with truffle, pepper, rocket olives and chili pepper…. Ewes, GoatsDOPPGI
  • Provolone Auricchio DOP
  • Mozzarella di bufala DOP
  • Burrata


DOP : Denominazione di Origine Protetta
IGP : Indicazione Geografica Protetta

  • Panna cotta (cooked milk cream topped with caramel or forest fruit)
  • Coffee, lemon, forest fruits or strawberries tiramisù (in season)*
  • Amaretti (almond biscuits)
  • Assortment of pastries from Sardinia and Sicily
  • Sicilian cannoli with ricotta and pistachio

*available in dishes of ten or in individual cups

For your information :

  • A tray of starters for 10 persons : 75 €
  • A tray of cold meat for 10 persons : 35 €

Delivery available in the Paris region. Prices vary according to the selected products.
For more information, please contact us : Contact usContact page

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