Saveurs d'Italie

Our selection

We pride ourselves on selecting fresh, high-quality products in Italy, between local specialties and gastronomic innovations. Discover with us our selection of the flagship products of Italy, and the small secrets that will make you vibrate the taste buds by so much fineness mixed with intense flavors…

DOP : Denominazione di Origine Protetta

The Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

The Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese) is made according to a very strict production method. It can only be manufactured in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna. Parmigiano Reggiano obtained the DOP label in 1996, but traces of its manufacture can be found in 13th century monasteries. The cows are treated in the morning and in the evening. The evening milk spends the night in cauldrons to separate the cream from the milk. The next morning, it is mixed with the one of the morning, before being heated and brewed until obtaining the good consistency.

Parma ham

It has a minimum ripening of 18 months. It is a ham on the bone, which allows it to keep a unique flavour. It is savoured in very thin slices ! Riccardo attended a specific training in Parma to learn how to debone it, and debones one for you in a video :

Our wines

We select our wines according to a certain philosophy of production. We supply from small and medium producers to give you an overview of the vast grape varieties and Italian appellations. We orient our selections also in correlation with our origins. Indeed, we are from Piedmont, which offers a very interesting choice of fine grape varieties, complex, structured, noble and destined to age and evolve over time (Barolo, Barbaresco).

To learn more, come and discover our wine selection :

Artisan dry pasta

It is made by a wheat producer who uses his own selected wheat, and dries his pasta slowly at 40°C to avoid burning the top. The perfect cooking must keep the heart of the dough hard while the outside remains soft.

To learn more, we invite you to read our article on the subject :

Balsamic vinegar

It is made strictly with selected grape musts and without the addition of caramel or other artificial flavors. The range ranges from 6 to over 12 years of age for traditional Modena vinegar. The real balsamic vinegar is the traditional, the one that ages the longest from grape must without adding vinegar. It is produced with a strictly regional grape. Others receive a percentage of classic vinegar and age less.

Olive oil from Liguria

Taggiasche olives are a specialty of Liguria, from the province of Imperia. These olives are small, but fleshy with an intense taste. Thus, the extra-virgin olive oil that is produced with these olives is considered one of the best oils of Italy. Indeed, with its very delicate flavor and very low acidity, it can be used on very fine dishes.

Puglia olive oil

It is a fruity and aromatic fragrant oil, which reminds us that it has been grown in one of the sunniest regions of southern Italy ; it is ideal to eat raw, especially for salads.

Tuscany olive oil

Tuscan oil is known to be very fruity, fragrant, and particularly herbaceous. Slightly pungent, it remains very balanced and always delivers a great freshness.

This list is of course not exhaustive ! Come with us to discover our many wines, amazing cheeses, our cold meat cut with very special finesse, our great variety of antipasti…

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