Our organic wines

Our organic wines

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Our society has been putting climate and animal welfare at the forefront for many years, and today organic certified products are becoming more and more expected. That is why we decided to launch a series of several articles on our organic products, of which this one is the first.

Of course, we are committed to our principles and we always select products that bring to your plates the delicate and unique flavors of our beautiful regions of Italy.


So today we invite you to discover our main organic-certified wines and for the most part with Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC).

We start our trip from Italy in Veneto at Treviso, where the famous Prosecco is produced. Further south, in Tuscany, we discover the Chanti as well as the Morellino of Scansano.


We continue our descent to Sardinia where the Vermentino is produced, then we return to the continent, in Abruzzo, to taste the famous Montepulciano.

Still further south, we go to Puglia, at Salento, in search of Primitivo. Finally, we finish our trip in the very southern Italy, in Sicily, where we meet the Nero d’Avola Cabernet in the middle of cicadas singing under the sun.


We hope that this organic trip to the heart of the vineyards of Italy has interested you, you only have one thing to do now to know these wines: come and taste them! We look forward to your opinion!

To learn more about our wines, we invite you to discover our wines selection from all over Italy. We also propose you our philosophy of selection of products, concerning the wines but also the oils, the cold meat and many others…

The next episode of this series will be devoted to our organic pastas and sauces, their production and their origin.



Organic wines – Saveurs d'Italie

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