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Welcome to the second article on our organic products. As always, we are committed to our principles and select products that bring to your dishes the delicate and unique flavours of our beautiful regions of Italy.


Today, we invite you to discover a very special producer of artisanal dry pasta. From the cultivation of a selected wheat to the very precise elaboration of the dough, let us introduce you to the Pastificio Agricolo Mancini.


Wheat selection

Here we are in the heart of Italy, under the sun of Marche. The producer Mancini grows its wheat in the fields around his premises, with which its pasta is produced exclusively.

Mancini produces three types of wheat:

  • Soft wheat, which is the classic wheat
  • Durum wheat, with which wholegrain pasta is produced
  • Turanic wheat, which is the one we will be interested in in this article

Turanic wheat is a subspecies of durum wheat, originating from the Khorasan region of Iran. The latter, although present in the Mediterranean basin, has been forgotten over time.

It is characterized by a sturdy plant of great size, and an excellent tillering capacity. This is why turanic wheat varieties are particularly suitable for organic crops.


From semolina to dough

This is how Mancini grows turanic wheat in order to certify it as organic. Once the semolina has been freshly prepared, it is processed with special care. Indeed, the producer has developed a circular bronze mould and a precise drying recipe to fully express the potential of the semolina.

The wheat milling process thus preserves its components, in particular its rind and germ, as well as possible. This maintains all the nutritional and vitamin properties of the dough, with a higher intake of fibre and mineral salts.

Then, the pasta is dried with particular care, which is what makes the quality of the final product. Mancini dries its pasta at a low temperature, generally around 40°C (104°F). The dough thus reaches up to 44 hours of drying, which is much higher than normal.

Learn more about transformation processes

The final product

The pasta from the Mancini integral line is produced according to the guidelines of the Buona Pratica Agricola (Good Agricultural Practices). From the study of the soil to the formation of the dough, not to mention the cultivation of wheat, Mancini does everything possible to guarantee a high-quality product while respecting natural resources.


Thus, the pasta obtained is very aromatic, with a good taste of wholegrain bread once cooked. As mentioned above, the nutritional properties of this pasta are also much higher than those of soft wheat. It is rich in fibre, amino acids, proteins and easy to digest.


The packaging material is chosen to ensure the best possible preservation of the pasta and maximum recyclability. In addition, the elegant design of the packages can make them a great gift idea.

Finally, these pasta are perfect with good sauces. We offer you in store many organic sauces to serve with Mancini pasta, for example scamorza and pancetta sauce, pesto alla genovese, the irreplaceable pomodoro and basilico

So, let’s get cooking!

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