A Christmas recipe, the stuffed Pandoro

The houses are decorated with garlands, the living rooms lit by large trees… here we are in the holiday season! This year, Saveurs d’Italie offers you a dessert recipe that is very popular in Italy for Christmas holidays: the stuffed Pandoro.

Simple to make and just as tasty, this recipe is an excellent idea to present your pandoro at the table rather than simply taking it out of its packaging. So here we go, let’s prepare this pandoro…

Along with panettone, pandoro is one of the most popular cakes of the Christmas holidays in Italy. Unlike panettone, which is usually filled with dried fruit, pandoro is devoid of filling and simply sprinkled with icing sugar. Today, we therefore propose to go a little further and transform this brioche.

Recipe of the stuffed Pandoro

  • One pandoro
  • 400g mascarpone (also possible with ricotta cheese)
  • 300 ml liquid fresh cream
  • 120g icing sugar
  • Orange juice, lemon juice, chocolate, vanilla, liqueurs, red fruits…

Realise the mascarpone cream

In Italy, mascarpone cream is a traditional Christmas cream, as it is easy to prepare and accompanies many desserts, including panettone and pandoro. So let’s prepare our cream…

In a bowl, mix 400g of mascarpone* with 100g of icing sugar until a smooth mixture is obtained. At this stage, you can add orange or lemon juice, chocolate drops, vanilla, or another liqueur as you wish. This is what gives your cream its personality.

Now, to obtain a lighter cream, whip up 300 ml of liquid fresh cream to snow and add it to the mixture. To avoid disassembling the cream too much, gently incorporate it with upward and downward movements.

* The quantities are indicative, it is up to you to dose according to your tastes

Cut the pandoro into stars

Nothing is easier than getting a beautiful Christmas cake with a pandoro! Indeed, its star shape is perfect, and will allow us to form a pretty Christmas tree once assembled.

Lay it on its side, and cut star-shaped slices to the thickness you want. Preferably, use slices around 3 cm thick to make the cake hold well, and leave a base that is sufficient to hold the whole structure.

Assemble the cake

Now that you have a mascarpone cream to your taste and beautiful star-shaped slices, all you have to do is assemble the cake!

Spread the cream as you wish on each slice of pandoro, and place the next one on top, shifting it slightly each time. You’ll get a little Christmas tree!

The final touch!

Our tree is almost ready, all we have to do now is decorate it. With a piping bag, you can add points of mascarpone cream on the tips, as well as on the top of the cake. Finally, sprinkle with icing sugar and add some fruits… your stuffed pandoro is ready! Enjoy…

As every year you can compose your gift basket with oils, sauces, pasta, wines… Likewise, we propose a wide range of panettone and pandoro for the festivities. From 500g to 10kg, you will find these famous brioches to suit all tastes: dried fruit, chocolate chips, lemon cream, pear-chocolate, amarena (cherry cherry)… Finally, to stuff your pandoro, you will also find the mascarpone or ricotta in our shops… So come and get your pandoro quickly!

On that note, the entire team of Saveurs d’Italie wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and see you soon!

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